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Nphonix & MJ Free / Quadrant & Allied - Speedway / Build For War (Remix) - digital
Nphonix & MJ Free / Quadrant & Allied - Speedway / Build For War (Remix)
Allied / Nphonix / MJ Free / Quadrant

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Disturbed Recordings DISTURBD032
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Competent digital two-tracker of dark but accessible d'n'b, Disturbed-style, with once again more musicians than tunes. "Speedway", written by Nphonix and MJ Free, about which I do not know anything, is a rather upbeat, slightly poppy techstep tune. The following Allied remix of Quadrant's "Build For War" is a bit harder and more neurofunk, with nicely chosen background samples and sci-fi sounds a plenty. All in all, an EP that doesn't reinvent the wheel but delivers two rather efficient dancefloor tracks, which is probably all once could expect from it.
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