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Omen - Rebellion - 12"
Omen - Rebellion

12" (vinyl)

Tectonic (Earwax) TEC005
File under
downtempo / dubstep & grime.

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From all the dubstep which came out in the last years, this three tracker by Omen is the closest one I think I have heard from the late nineties NYC "illbient" scene. With its dark melodies, metronomic beats and the way the more dub elements are put in the background, this "Rebellion" sounds like something that would go very well with some tracks by Spectre or early Techno Animal, which is a very nice thing.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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If you do, I am willing to pay for licensing, but not to much. Besides, I don't think many people will watch the video anyway.