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One Man Nation - Suspended In A Vortex / When I Was Young - 12"
One Man Nation - Suspended In A Vortex / When I Was Young
One Man Nation

12" (vinyl)

Moozak MZK#004
File under
ambient / downtempo / experimental.

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It's been some time since we had last heard of One Man Nation, with his debut CD on Syrphe. A few years and a relocation from Singapore to Spain later, this musician comes back with a much more experimental and ambient LP (even though there are only two tracks, there are quite long, qualifying this for the long-play adjective). Very glitchy, playing a lot with silence, echoes and weird frequencies (as well as the trombone on one track), this material is clearly aimed at active listeners, as it requires a good dose of effort to dive into and reveal its depths.
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