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Otto Von Schirach - Supermeng - 2x12"
Otto Von Schirach - Supermeng
Otto Von Schirach

2x12" (vinyl)

Monkeytown Records (Fifty Weapons) MONKEYTOWN028
File under
electro / IDM / dubstep & grime / pop.

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Finally a new Otto Von Schirach album, and this time on Modeselektor's label: the sky would at first seem to be the limit to this former poster boy of the US breakcore scene. And still, the constant homage to Miami bass in this album's first half leaves one with an unsatisfying taste, as Otto Von Schirach then simplifies his music beyond recognition and intends too much at coming up (unsuccessfully) with something at the same time pop and weird. The second half, harder, trickier, freer, sounds a lot closer to a potentially-calmed-down but still Otto-esque Von Schirach, and will be where most people reading these lines will get their enjoyment. In conclusion, half of this album leaves you wondering "that's all?", and the rest is more "ah, he still has it". Who knows what will come next.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
Note that this vinyl version of the album is limited to the shockingly low amount of 200 (handnumbered) copies. You might not want to wait too long to secure your copy.
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