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Oxxo Xoox - Reveurt - CD
Oxxo Xoox - Reveurt
Öxxö Xööx


Öxxö Xööx 001ÖX11/1
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metal / dark.

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And now for an album that many wouldn't have expected to find in the Ad Noiseam online store. All metal that this might be, Öxxö Xööx is the project of Laurent Lunoir, who was to be heard on Igorrr's "Nostril" as well as on "Naät", the first album by Igorrr's Whourkr project (and new Ad Noiseam signing). "Reveurt" is far from having the electronic, broken side of Igorrr, even if Gautier Serre participated to a track on it. We're more into epic, grandiose doom metal here, all sung and screamed in an imaginary language and very technical. Not overly dark (as far as doom goes), but quite changing and fresh. And recommended by Igorrr, on top of that.
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