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Pacheko / DJ 100mado - Figure 8 / Trance 8 - 12"+CD
Pacheko / DJ 100mado - Figure 8 / Trance 8
Pacheko / DJ 100mado

12"+CD (CD / vinyl)

Lo Dubs LODUBS-121019
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8 bit / dubstep & grime.

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Lodubs keep their reputation of a label releasing unconventionnal dubstep with this split between Venezuela's Pacheko and Japan's DJ 100mado. The first delivers an excellent track combining his trademark short 8 bit tones and some very accoustic sounding drums, for an overall quite aerial atmosphere. DJ 100mado, on the other side, adds a little bit of these sweeping keys that were to be found on Cardopusher's "Unity Means Power" dubstep tracks, and comes up with a slightly faster and crazier piece. Definitely not something coming from South London, and therefore sounding quite fresh.
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This record also comes with a CD containing the two tracks from the vinyl as well as DJ 100mado remix of a Pacheko track and one by Pacheko and Cardopusher of a DJ 100mado original.

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