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Pechuga De Pollodiabolo - Le Séminaire #1 - 12"
Pechuga De Pollodiabolo - Le Séminaire #1
Pechuga De Pollodiabolo

12" (vinyl)

Aentitainment AENT.016
File under
electronica / downtempo / experimental / (post) rock.

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Even though Pechuga de Pollodiabolo try hard to blur his path with this first album (a German band with a Spanish and a French album title), the music on this record is a lot friendlier and accessible than one might expect. There's a lot to be heard here, and a written description mentioning how this overall post-rock outfit mixes electronic dubstep bass, dub harmonies and some kind of ethnic sampling is both correct but not reallly saying much. All in all, picture some kind of instrumental post-rock tracks done by a trigger-happy field-recorder with taste for bass, and it might give you a broad idea of what to expect in this surprising cohesive and charming LP.

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