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Pedigree - Ghost And Corpses - CD
Pedigree  - Ghost And Corpses


Pedigree Sonic Underworld PSU RELA 07
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industrial / metal / downtempo.

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With "Ghost And Corpses", the Estonian act Pedigree brings back to life a genre which hadn't seen a decent release in ages, mainly heavy, dub-infused, mean remixes of metal tracks, in the vein of Godflesh's "Love and Hate in Dub" (which is a compliment coming from me). With remixes by Mothboy, Dälek, Submerged and other electronic heavy weight, Pedigree sees their metal tracks get the downtempo treatment, which all really works for the best. Perfect for anybody who want to headnod in slow motion, or just people who long for the day when Godflesh, Fetish69 and others were spreading this sound.
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