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Philipp Münch - Mondo Obscura - CD
Philipp Münch - Mondo Obscura
Philipp Münch


Ant Zen (Hymen, Bazooka Joe) act275
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industrial / electronica / pop.

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Though I guess he's better known for his noisier endeavors, Synapscape's Philipp Münch has always been proud of his new wave, pop influences and tastes (as demonstrated, for example, with his Roschach Garden project). This is the sound that dominates his second solo album. A lot cleaner, more compact and focused that its "Into The Absurd" predecessor, "Mondo Obscura" also surprises for being mostly a song-based affair. At times romantic, often old-schooly, raw and industrial but not aggressive or overly noisy, it's a nice affair and an exercise-of-style ending up in a pleasant, round whole.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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