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Philipp Munch - Into The Absurd - CD
Philipp Munch - Into The Absurd
Philipp Münch


Ant Zen (Hymen, Bazooka Joe) act255
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Throughout his many projects, Philipp Münch, probably best known for being half of Synapscape, has touched more or less all aspects of the industrial scene: power noise with his main project, twisted electro-pop with The Roschach Garden, drones with Mandelbrot or yet walls of noise with Monokrom. It's not a big surprise therefore that this first album under his real name works a bit like a compilation of it all (maybe with the exception of the most poppy elements). Constantly heavy and gritty, but at times rhythmic, at times just plain out noisy, "Into The Absurd" sounds like an artist freewheeling behind the faders, or like a compilation of what this important artist for this scene has been doing for more than a decade. Very recommended to his many fans.
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It is an interesting release because the songs are generative.