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Phucking Happyend - Bitter Sweet Remix EP - 12"
Phucking Happyend - Bitter Sweet Remix EP
Phucking Happyend

12" (vinyl)

Korsett / Hula Honeys krst05 / hon09
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hip-hop / electronica / IDM.

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More weirdly mysterious but surprisingly sharp electronic zeitgeist from Switzerland, with the two Helvetian labels that are Korsett and Hula Honeys pairing up to release what I assume is the debut EP by Phucking Happyend (go figure). The title track is a quite uplifting, precise and cool piece of hip-hop-ish IDM, and is followed by three rather solid and varied remixes, from the catchy one by Kackmusikk (go figure, again) to a bassy juke one by Somtek, which manages to reconcile me with this genre. In the end, a very well done, fresh record which definitely deserves a listen, even though its line-up is so far quite removed from any spotlight. Recommended.
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