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Pixelord / Herobust - Modem / Voxy Lady - 7"
Pixelord / Herobust - Modem / Voxy Lady
heRobust / Pixelord

7" (vinyl)

Saturate Records STRT003
File under
hip-hop / electro / dubstep & grime / acid.

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Split 7" between the productive and always delivering Pixelord, this time with a rather high-pitched mixture of instrumental glitchy hip-hop and dubstep tempo (placing him again next to people such as Eprom or Slugabed on your shelves) and Saturate's Herobust, more laid back and less tricky, but not less enjoyable. This is the second record I listen to from Saturate, and I guess it makes it clear in which direction this label is going, both being full of this intricate but fun combination of zeitgeisty tones and slightly retro, 8-bit aesthetics. Nice one.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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v/a - Azure 12"
the video will be ready a few days ago.