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Poemss - s/t - 2x12"
Poemss - s/t

2x12" (vinyl)
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Planet Mu ZIQ345
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electronica / downtempo / pop.

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I was a bit afraid of getting a re-run of the (eventually a bit of a let-down) Last Step material but with vocals when I read that Venetian Snares had a new project which was supposed to sound electro-clash-esque. Rejoice, as Poemss sounds a lot more coherent and thoughtful than this other Snares side-project, and Poemss's album is something which I find myself listening to again and again. It would be a stretch to say that these downtempo, melodic and indeed retro tracks sound anything like Venetian Snares, but they manage to be catchy without sounding cheesy, and the combined vocals of Joanne Pollock and Aaron Funk (who I really didn't know could sing) work very well. Surprisingly charming and recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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