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Polarlicht 4.1 - Famos - CD
Polarlicht 4.1 - Famos
Polarlicht 4.1


Funkwelten FW 010
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industrial / electronica.

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Third album for the german Polarlicht 4.1, who once again slows things down a bit and more or less resolutely leaves the noise and big beats for a pretty mid-tempo melodic album (with the exception of a couple of harder tracks). Quite typical of the whole "industrial electronica" scene, "Famos" takes plenty of elements of the most melodic tones of the IDM scene and "industrialize" them (i.e. beefs them up and darken the whole thing). Polarlicht 4.1 doesn't reinvent the wheel here, but this is obviously something that people into such acts as Beefcake, Displacer or Flint Glass will enjoy.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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you can't feel the beating