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Poordream - Immaterial Monarch - digital
Poordream - Immaterial Monarch

digital (digital download) (also available on CD)

Spectraliquid / 33 Recordings slq007 / 33cd001
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electronica / downtempo.

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Interesting first release for Poordream and the new greek label 33 Recordings (here helped by Spectraliquid). The project of an experienced sound designer, "Immaterial Monarch" is a strange introduction, featuring two original tracks and eight alternative versions coming mostly from other young greek acts. While these remix range from the atmospheric to the jazzy and the breakbeat-filled to the home-listened oriented, Poordream's own material is a curious but surprisingly efficient mixture of breaks, mid-tempo beats, field recordings and long melodies. A well done debut, let's see what Poordream does next.
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Poordream - Immaterial Monarch
Poordream - Immaterial Monarch
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