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Rainier Lericolais - My Song Exaggerated To Dilate Horizontally - CD
Rainier Lericolais - My Song Exaggerated To Dilate Horizontally
Rainier Lericolais


Ytterbium (YB70) YTTERBIUM 19
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ambient / avant garde / drones.

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Sixth album already for this productive but very underrated french noise / industrial musician, who presents here a mesmerizing and gritty ambient work. A lot more drone-oriented than most of his other work, but still very professionally executed, "My song..." present four long encompassing pieces in which R. Lericolais plays adequately with the pitch, drones, bass and balance, giving birth to a surprisingly well produced and deep ambient album which should easily find its mark, even out of this restricted genre.
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It is an interesting release because the songs are generative.