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Randomer - Lonely Planet / Nothing Left - 12"
Randomer - Lonely Planet / Nothing Left

12" (vinyl)

Audio Freaks AF004PT1
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drum'n'bass & jungle / electronica / dubstep & grime.

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Hard to believe, but this debut 12" by Randomer is quite a varied and uncommon dubstep / d'n'b record, even though its artwork is among the worst I have seen in the recent times. With one pretty subdued, modest and balanced dubstep side and a much harder, clubbier and more aggressive side, this 12" should work very well in both drum'n'bass (or even breakcore) set and dubstep ones. Bassy, relatively pounding and still not over the top, here is a good, probably overseen record. But please, Audio Freaks, improve your artworks.
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when you can fix it by any distributor or label either i like it and send me a message please.