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Raoul Sinier - Cymbal Rush & Strange Teeth & Black Nails - 12"
Raoul Sinier - Cymbal Rush & Strange Teeth & Black Nails
Raoul Sinier

12" (vinyl)

Oeuvre CLA008
File under
electro / IDM / pop.

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A bit more than a year after the huge "Tremens Industry" audiovisual collection and some months before his announced forthcoming full length on Ad Noiseam, Paris's Raoul Sinier delivers on the young British label Oeuvre a splendid five track 12" which serves as an adequate bridge between the two aforementioned albums. "Cymbal Rush" (a cover of Thom Yorke's track, and in my opinion a lot stronger than the original) and "Strange Teeth & Black Nails", the EP's main tracks, are soulful (and playful) poppy tracks served with vocals, while the two remaining solo tracks and the great remix by Hecq are more footed in Sinier's intricate IDM past. This all comes with full sleeve and artwork, of course, and is a mandatory piece of wax if I can ever recognize one.
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