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Raoul Sinier - Huge Samurai Radish - CD
Raoul Sinier - Huge Samurai Radish
Raoul Sinier

CD (CD) (also available on digital)

Ad Noiseam adn89
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hip-hop / electronica / IDM.

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An appetizer to Raoul Sinier (formerly known as "Ra") 's third studio album "Brain Kitchen" (to come on Ad Noiseam in 2008), "Huge Samurai Radish" sees this multi talented artist present a new menu of his gritty, catchy and personal electronic hip hop, as well as lend the knife to La Caution, Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox fame), Wisp, Datach'I and Lynx & Ram for five spicy remixes. Tasty and highly addictive.

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