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Raoul Sinier - Remixes - CDR
Raoul Sinier - Remixes
Raoul Sinier

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hip-hop / electronica / IDM / pop.

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Raoul Sinier is not only a prolific musician and painter, but also an avid remixer, as shown with this collection of tracks from other artists he worked on over the years. Ranging from Igorrr, Hecq and Subheim to Cex or Ddamage and a few smaller acts, this modestly but accurately named CD shows that Raoul Sinier does a lot more than just adds a few blips and beats here and there when he signs a remixes, but turns the original material into something very close to his own material (see, for example, the remix for Subheim). The result of this process is that this collection almost feels like a journey through his discography and styles, from the glitchy hip hop of his beginnings to the pop songs of his current releases. Very tasty, fresh and original, and therefore very recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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