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Raoul Sinier & Sylvie Fretet - Les Aveugles - graphic novel
Raoul Sinier & Sylvie Fretet - Les Aveugles
Raoul Sinier

graphic novel (books)

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Finally there, here comes the splending and impressive first graphic novel by Raoul Sinier. Written by Sylvie Frétet and illustrated by Ad Noiseam's favorite multimedia stakhanovist, this large format, luxuriously printed 110-page long comic book tells the grim and disturbing story of what might (or might not) be a new sort of video-games, the motivations of its authors, and the adventures of its testers. Considerably better written than your average comic, masterfully illustrated: here is something which I hope will be met with all the praises it deserves
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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