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Raoul Sinier - Welcome To My Orphanage - CDR
Raoul Sinier - Welcome To My Orphanage
Raoul Sinier

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Good Citizen Factory GCF032
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electronica / (post) rock / pop.

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Raoul Sinier's sixth album is this artist's biggest stylistic shift so far. While its "Guilty Cloaks" predecessor (and even more the transitional "Covers" digital release) was already shedding most of Sinier's tricky and playful hip-hop electronics and integrating more pop vocals and song structures, "Welcome To My Orphanage" is focuses entirely on Raoul Sinier as a songwriter rather than a beatmaker. If its gritty and very personal sonorities are immediately distinguishable, the singing (on every tune) and the much more accessible composition prove that Raoul Sinier's not into cute robots and confused aliens this time around, embracing rather a sort of new (cold) wave aesthetics, and hits the right nostalgic note more often than not. Whether this sound will remain a one-off experiment seems up in the air as far as we listeners are concerned, but there's quite a lot to like in this album, as long as you take the time to open yourself to it.

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