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Rasputeen - Die Segnungen der Neuzeit - CD
Rasputeen - Die Segnungen der Neuzeit


Bazooka Joe (Ant Zen) bubble 11
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industrial / electro / pop.

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First "real" CD for Rasputeen, aka the pop pet project of one half of Synapscape. While the first two CDRs were playful and nice, it is with this "Die Segnungen" that Rasputeen finally gets the ambition and maturity of a full fledge project. Still retro, but more original and personal than before, the old-school electro tracks have gained a lot in production, and the slightly non-sensical german lyrics are now better coordinated with the music. Quite accessible, definitely tongue-in-cheek, but now also enjoyable by non 80's fans, here's a CD that might open up a lot of opportunities to Rasputeen.
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