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Relapxych.0 - Insomniactivity - 2x12"
Relapxych.0 - Insomniactivity

2x12" (vinyl)

Creative Space (Abstractions) CS027
File under
ambient / drones.

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This heavy double 12" by the currently very productive Relapxych.0 is one of the first releases on the re-booted, new-formula version of the greek label Creative Space: the focus is now on calmer, more meditative music, it's all vinyl only, limited edition and very well produced. A long, introspective work of drones, stretched out atmospheres and crystalline echoed melodies, "Insomniactivity" is quite the spaced out work. Mesmerizing but not really dark, well produced and recorded, here's something which should definitely be checked out by everybody into the current wave of updated, smartly done ambient. Recommended.

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