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Revolutions Per Minute - s/t - 2x12"
Revolutions Per Minute - s/t
Revolutions Per Minute

2x12" (vinyl)

Résistance Des Matériaux (Bruits De Fond) / Bruits De Fond (Résistance Des Matériaux) 01
File under
industrial / noise.

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The new project by breakcore and hardcore Frenchman Aphasia sees all the levels go in the red. Much, much slower than his club-intended material, this double LP gathers a collection of particularly noisy tracks, some of them more or less beatless, and some of them totally shattered. White noise, accoustic noise, screams, loops, drones and feedback collide to form an intense, obfuscated whole which should appeal to fans of both the harshest of breakcore and noiseheads. This is either a cleansing or a bath in bottomless dirt, your call.

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