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Ritalin War Dance / Neurosis Orchestra - The Chant / The Stash House - 12"
Ritalin War Dance / Neurosis Orchestra - The Chant / The Stash House
Neurosis Orchestra / Ritalin War Dance

12" (vinyl)

Sozalistischer Plattenbau SBP12020
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downtempo / dubstep & grime.

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There are several reasons to be excited by this EP. One of them is that it's the first music I listen to from Martin Maischen (a.k.a. the amazing Heinrich At Hart) for a long time, this time under the Ritalin War Dance moniker. Another one is that Neurosis Orchestra (a project of LFO Demon)'s previous EP was quite a bomb. And the four tracks of this EP (none of them called "The Chant" or "The Stash House", go figure) lived up to my expectations. A lot less gritty and distorted than I thought, though, they are all very coherent, dub-infused, and slowly creeping. Dark but not abrasive, mesmerizing and downtempo, here's quite an interesting, original and well executed take at dubstep-ish sounds.
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