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Roly Porter - Aftertime - CD
Roly Porter - Aftertime
Roly Porter


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industrial / ambient / dark.

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While Jamie Vex'd stayed quite active after the split of Vex'd, the duo, first under his name then as Kuedo, I'm glad that his colleague Roly kept on writing new material and finally came up with an album. If Kuedo is relatively upbeat, melodic material, Roly Porter's couldn't be further away: scraping noises, accoustic echoes, plenty of scraping tones and harmonies, for something which sounds often closer to Nadja or Ben Frost than to anything Vex'd. No rolling basses, no huge drops, no dancefloor material here, but a truely mesmerizing album of dark noises and atmospheres. Very recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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