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Ruby My Dear - Jelly - digital
Ruby My Dear - Jelly
Ruby My Dear

digital (digital download)
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Blue Sub Records BSR001
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breakcore / electronica / IDM.

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Though this exclusively digital release is listed as an "EP", the whole eight tracks clock at 50 minutes, making the whole thing feel more like an album (fair enough, Ruby My Dear also went on with an "epic" 20 minutes tune here). "Jelly" take things more or less where he had left them with his "Remains Of Shapes To Come" album, but take this musician's art in a slightly more IDM and definitely more danceable / acid way, though there are still a few atmospheric moments here and there. The production is top-notch, the beats clear and the sound very powerful. Original, masterfully done and excellently written. Very recommended.
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And I was also able to rip the songs into my iTunes.