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Russell Haswell - 5" Vinyl Series LP - 12"
Russell Haswell - 5" Vinyl Series LP
Russell Haswell

12" (vinyl)

Downwards LINO 56
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For a man with his hands in so many projects (Gescom being the best known), Russel Haswell still has quite a reasonable solo ouput. The ten short-ish tracks on this new LP are however not going to help to pinpoint his talent or pigeonhole him. From extremely tweaked acid / IDM beats to very gritty noise, this record's tunes are all over the spectrum, building layer after layer of extremely detailled and crisp walls of frequencies. Clearly a lot more experimental than most of his projects (save for his Satanstornade collaboration with Merzbow) and not something for everybody, but very well done and cleverly written.

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