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Rustie - Sunburst - CD
Rustie - Sunburst


Warp WAP300CD
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electro / 8 bit / dubstep & grime.

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Very tasty five track EP from Rustie as his first release since he signed on Warp. As usual, it's very playful, full of lo-fi 8 bit tones, old Goblin-like melodies and crunchy UK funky beats, which is a lot to swallow the first time around, but proves more and more addictive with each listen. It's Warp, so we're not dealing with particularely heavy material, and while "Sunburst" might not have a dancefloor-packing track in its tracklisting, it's all particularely nicely done and charming. A very good way to get acquainted with this act for people who missed his previous records, and a good choice for Warp in a year where this label hadn't really convinced me.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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