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Sarantis / Sasquatch - Fetish / Omerta - 12"
Sarantis / Sasquatch - Fetish / Omerta
Sarantis / Sasquatch

12" (vinyl)

Senseless Records SENSELESS 04
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Second split 12" between Sarantis and Sasquatch on Senseless. Sarantis opens the ball with a pretty easy and straightforward slow dubstep number with an anthemic melody, resulting in a very catchy track. On the other side, Sasquatch hastens things considerably, and present a more broken track which might remind a bit of the Ruff releases and their taste for almost-breackcore-but-not-quite type of dubstep. Not much else to say, I've become quite a Senseless fan anyway.

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the other members of the group jam over the beat with various instruments such as digerdoos, flutes, tribal drums etc.