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Sasquatch / Sarantis - Doll's Eyes / Badman Dub - 12"
Sasquatch / Sarantis - Doll's Eyes / Badman Dub
Sarantis / Sasquatch

12" (vinyl)

Senseless Records SENSELESS 03
File under
dubstep & grime.

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First (of so far two) split between Senseless regular Sarantis and Sasquatch (about whom I do not know anything), and another very heavy, dark and super bassy dubstep 12", in which Sarantis shows how he has moved away a bit from his more humane beginnings to much harder, grittiter and slightly more broken tracks. The production on both side is really good, and this definitely belongs to the side of dubstep which is the closest to hard d'n'b and breakcore. Very good, as usual with Senseless.
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