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Scrap.edx / Sorehead - Camo Cuts - pic. 12"
Scrap.edx / Sorehead - Camo Cuts
Scrap.edx / Sorehead

pic. 12" (vinyl)

Livevil EV 1
File under
breakcore / mash-up / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Will this be the long awaited break to recognition for Scrap.edx? With this split camo-picture 12", this american act sets himself free from any dark rhythmic noise element his music might still have had, and deliver two ferocious break tracks (one being a very hard d'n'b number, the other a noisy Salt'n'Pepa mash-up). On the other side, Sorehead make his / her / their debut with pretty banging hardcore beats being served with hip hop samples and quite a high level of noise. A very refreshing record as I wouldn't have expected from the rhythmic noise scene, and hopefully one which will shove more light on both acts.

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