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SE - L36 - digital
SE - L36

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Tympanik Audio TA039
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electronica / downtempo / (post) rock.

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Following an already nicely downtempo first album, SE come up here with a follow-up showcasing quite a radical change. While dark electronic undertones are still to hard on this "LE36", we're dealing here with considerably more accoustic and post-rock material. I don't think that I'd be wrong if I wrote that this act has listened quite a lot to the Constellation and Kranky roster, or to Clint Mansell, and it shows. As far as I am concerned, this is something which sounds a lot more authentic and close to the heart than similar electronic attempts at emulating the melancholy and grittiness of the genre: SE manages here very well and come up with several great tracks on this album, closed by an excellent remix by the always-reliable Subheim. Recommended.
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