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Self Definition - Bushi EP - digital
Self Definition - Bushi EP
Self Definition

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Section 8 Records (Plush Recordings) section8040d
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drum'n'bass & jungle / downtempo.

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Very surprising EP that this four tracker on Section8. While most (if not all) of this label's output is club-friendly, darkish d'n'b and dubstep that goes all out guns blazing, the tunes presented here by Self Definition (about whom I do not know anything) are very contained, quite sparse and aerial, and clearly downtempo. Reminding at times of late 90's accoustic-drumming-meets-d'n'b experiments, and never turning into an angry dancefloor-fest, "Bushi" is a lot more musical than what I would have expected, and while this might not bring him as much DJ-play, it might have a bit more lasting power.
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the other members of the group jam over the beat with various instruments such as digerdoos, flutes, tribal drums etc.