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Semiomime - Six Steps - digital
Semiomime - Six Steps

digital (digital download)

Mindtrick MTR010
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ambient / electronica / downtempo.

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It must have been a challenge for Noel Wessel to follow on Semiomime's cinematic "From Memory" debut with the much shorter (and "interrupted") format that is a two track 12". But, just as he proved with the aforementioned CD that he had given much thought and thrown a lot of care into the calmest of his projects, each side of this record makes sense. The title track is relatively close to "From Memory", though served with a steadier beat together with long, typically Semiomime melodies. On the flip side, things get a bit more electronica, a bit more broken, and open doors to sonorities which I hadn't heard from this project before. A very recommended, deep, relaxed but tricky record from an important project.
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