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Shackleton - Freezing Opening Thawing - 12"
Shackleton - Freezing Opening Thawing

12" (vinyl)
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Woe To The Septic Heart! Septic05
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avant garde / experimental / techno.

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There was a time when it was possible to describe Shackleton's music in terms of dubstep, bass or techno and adding a few rarer adjectives. A record such as this "Freezing Opening Thawing" makes a description a lot more difficult. None of these genres is really present here, and if these three long tracks of this record are still rich in tribal-sounding beats, their construction goes away from techno and the bass level is potentially not as high as it used to be, resulting in driving, hypnotizing quality material than breaks out of any convention. Very modern sounding without being trendy per se, and definitely original. Shackleton has found a way to perfect and widen his style without alienating his fanbase, which is quite a feat.
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