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Shipping & Returns
Here are tables detailling the shipping costs of your order, depending on its weight, your delivery address, and your chosen shipping options. Please note that:
  • All these prices are in Euro and final. According to European law, shipping costs to end customers contain VAT (which itself depends on the items ordered). The prices below are calculated with 19% VAT (the rate on CD, records and shirts) for delivery in Germany and the rest of the EU, except for the "printer matter parcel", which are calculated with 7% VAT (the rate on books). Were you to order books only in the EU, our system will re-calculate the rates below with 7% VAT instead of 19% (and you would therefore be presented with slightly lower prices than specified below). Customers outside of the EU do not pay VAT on shipping costs, and the prices below do not contain any for these countries.
  • Insurance for airmail parcels till 2kg does not cover the whole price of your order. However, our policy is to try and replace or give a rebate to customers whose insured parcels have been lost (something which happens extremely seldom). Insurance for groundmail parcels (outside of Germany) covers the whole price of your order.
  • Parcels are seldom lost, but we recommend people living in countries whose postal service are known for being unreliable to choose the insured options. This is strongly recommended for non-EU eastern Europe and South America.
  • Delivery time varies greatly. Said very broadly, deliveries in Germany take 24 to 36 hours. Airmail deliveries in Europe usually take 2 to 4 business days, and groundmail deliveries a couple more days. Airmail deliveries outside of Europe take approximately a week, while groundmail deliveries outside of Europe vary widely from country to country.
  • Parcels are sent daily, from Monday to Saturday. Depending on the time at which your payment is received, your order might be shipped the same day or the following one.
  • Shipping costs calculation also takes into account the size of your order (i.e. whether you are ordering a small CD or a much bigger record, as well as the weight of the packaging. All orders are sent packaged in padded envelopes (for CDs) or thick cardboard boxes with bubble wrap (for records).
  • The weight in the table below are in metric units. You can calculate conversions between the metric systems and others here. Usually, a jewel box CD weight around 100g, a digipack CD around 65g, and a regular 12" record around 200g.
  • Our return policy is explained on the "Conditions Of Use" page. Please get in touch quickly if you want to return any item.

  • The shipping tables.

    Airmail shipping, not insured:

      0-100g 100g-500g 500g-1kg 1kg-2kg
    European Union 4.40 8.80 16.30
    Geographic Europe outside of the EU 3.70 7.40 17.90
    Rest of the world 3.70 7.40 17.90

    Insured airmail shipping:

      0-500g 500g-1kg 1kg-2kg 2kg-5kg 5kg-10kg 10kg-20kg
    European Union 6.90 11.40 23.80 31.10 39.00 56.50
    Geographic Europe outside of the EU 5.80 9.60 20.00 40.60 49.50 67.50
    North America, North Africa and Near East 5.80 9.60 20.00 50.75 78.00 133.00
    Rest of the world 5.80 9.60 20.00 61.00 99.00 175.00

    Groundmail shipping, not insured:

      0-170g 170-450g 350g-2kg
    Germany 2.00 3.05 5.25
    European Union 11.00
    Geographic Europe outside of the EU 9.10
    Rest of the world 13.60

    Insured groundmail shipping:

      0-200g 200g-2kg 2kg-5kg 5kg-10kg 10kg-20kg
    Germany 4.20 7.70 8.30 12.00
    European Union 21.50 28.00 40.50
    Geographic Europe outside of the EU 31.60 37.00 47.50
    North America, North Africa and Near East 34.00 44.50 65.50
    Rest of the world 39.00 55.00 86.50

    Printed matter parcels (for orders of only books and magazines):

      0-500g 500g-1kg
    Germany 1.00 1.50
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