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Shit & Cheap - Gotterdammerung EP - 12"
Shit & Cheap - Gotterdammerung EP
Shit & Cheap

12" (vinyl)

Shipwrec SHIP 015
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electro / acid / pop.

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Now that's a weird record that Neil Landstrumm and Mat Consume deliver here, as a follow up to their first Shit & Cheap 12" on Scandinavia. And still, there's more than meets the ears on the four tracks of this not-so-Wagnerian "Gotterdammerung". What seems at first as an extremely retro, new-wavish mixture of small straight beats and 80's effected voice slowly reveals the tricky edits and playful talent of Neil Landstrumm's other projects, and end up being more than just tongue-in-cheeks. A few breaks, a small dosis on acid, and what could easily be played in any cold wave party gains a musical quality that turns into something of value, even for very zeitgeisty palates.
mp3 excerpts:

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