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Signal Hill - Chase The Ghost - 2x12"
Signal Hill - Chase The Ghost
Signal Hill

2x12" (vinyl)
/ 9

Sun Sea Sky SSS050
File under
(post) rock.

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Taking a path already thread by N5Md but pushing it even further, Sun Sea Sky seems to be moving away from purely electronic releases and pushing towards more guitar-based, post-rock and / or shoegaze material. This second album by Signal Hill is an example of this evolution: more or less devoid of electronic, instrumental, and reminding more of Explosions In The Sky than of SSS's own Lights Out Asia. The tracks are clean, encompassing and well executed; while "Chase The Ghost" might not redefine the genre, it proves to be a very enjoyable album for rainy or melancholic days.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
This is the white vinyl version of this album.
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