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Simon Scott - Navigare - CD
Simon Scott - Navigare
Simon Scott


Miasmah MIACD011
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ambient / drones.

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First album by Simon Scott (yes, the drummer from Shoegazer veterans and essentials Slowdive) under his own name, and for the quality label Miasmah. It's all pretty dark and oppressive in the forest of blurry drones and pitched down beats that Simon Scott has built in this "Navigare", and while we might stil be far away from the bloody rituals of Sunn O))) & co, this album sails somewhere between the whole modern dark drones thing and some more uplifting remnants of shoegaze here and there. Deep, multilayered, well done: not only a must for fans of Slowdive and Miasmah (but that too).
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function over form. repeat