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Sinister Souls & Balkansky - Mechstep EP - digital
Sinister Souls & Balkansky - Mechstep EP
Sinister Souls

digital (digital download)

Scum (Subway) SCUMSUB002
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dubstep & grime.

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Accurately titled three track collaboration between the Dutch duo Sinister Souls and Sofia's Balkansky. Raw, heavy, mechanical, "Mechtstep" summons images of rusty, slow-moving huge robots, but does so without using the now very cliché "Transformers" sound found in most bro-step, but instead rely on uncommonly dirty distortion (the final track bordering on Cloaks's anolog grittiness), paired with Balkansky's typical beats and pads. A heavy, efficient EP which encompasses well one of heaviest sides of dubstep.
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