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Sinister Souls - Borderline EP - digital
Sinister Souls - Borderline EP
Sinister Souls

digital (digital download)

Mindtrick MTR005
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dubstep & grime.

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Second release for the young Dutch act Sinister Soulds, following a debut on Excision's Rottun. These two "Borderline" tracks are of the slow-moving, heavy and scraping dubstep kind, and somewhat shows well how the whole dark d'n'b sensibilities can translate into this genre. As with Broken Note, Matta, The Eerier Child or a good part of the Rottun people, gone are most dub elements, replaced by grating distortion and dark undertones. It's all pretty bassy and massive in here, and should work perfectly with headnodders. Another cool release from Mindtrick.
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