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Sinister Souls / Dean Rodell / Balkansky - Subland EP - digital
Sinister Souls / Dean Rodell / Balkansky - Subland EP
Balkansky / Sinister Souls / Dean Rodell

digital (digital download)

Subtrakt SUBT010
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drum'n'bass & jungle / dubstep & grime.

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Matta's second record for Ad Noiseam comes out as this duo is receiving praises from all ends of the dubstep scene (and beyond). Driven, hard and very efficient, the title track has packed dancefloors all year with its gritty bassline and deep drops. On the B side, things might get only a little bit humane, as Matta deliver a couple more tunes featuring their signature majestic melodies and glitches. Massive, very detailed, fresh: another proof of this duo's remarkable and remarked talent.
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and previously have some releases in genre of drum'n'bass on different labels (last thing that I make)