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Sinister Souls - Flatliner Remixes - digital
Sinister Souls - Flatliner Remixes
Sinister Souls

digital (digital download)

Scum (Subway) SUBSCUM010
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dubstep & grime / hardcore.

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By picking remixers who they knew would focus on distinct aspects of their track, Sinister Souls underline here how they have a foot in the dark dubstep scene (which is quite obvious listening to their early releases) and the hardcore one (a hint of which could be heard on "In The Filth". Sweden's Bratkilla's remix is a dirty, distorted piece of very efficient drumstep, while Travis Mavis (about whom I do not know anything) comes up with a in-your-face, very straight hardcore piece that should have quite some success in the Benelux. In the end, I'd be hard pressed to say that this EP sounds cohesive, but there's theoretically something for all Sinister Souls fans in here, whatever side of this duo they prefer.
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