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Skream - Sweetz (2005 Flex) / Angry World - 12"
Skream - Sweetz (2005 Flex) / Angry World

12" (vinyl)

Keysound Recordings LDN016
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Back to basics for Skream on this record for Dusk & Blackdown's Keysound. I don't know if the title of the A track really means that it was written in 2005, but the material here was definitely more written with "Midnight Request Line" in mind than with whatever sort of techno-dnb-dubstep Skream is throwing around these days. Things are pretty heavy and dark on the A side, dubbier and smokier on the B one, and here's a record for everybody who got slapped by Skream's sound back then (and that's quite a few people). Forward to the past?
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