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Slugabed - Rockin U - 12"
Slugabed - Rockin U

12" (vinyl)

Ninja Tune DG011
File under
mash-up / hip-hop / electronica.

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Semi-official, Ninja Tune-endorsed white label bootleg in which Slugabed revisists three 80's tunes, giving them his glitchy, chiptunes-heavy twist. The A side is a pretty catchy "remix" of an already efficient Busta Rhymes track, while the B one is a bit more chilled out, with Slugabed feeding his sampler pieces of Leon Ware and Kankick. Pretty nice retro-stuff that works as more than just a joke, even though this record might not have much of the more emotional side of Slugabed's regular output.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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