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Slutmachine - The Doombringer - digital
Slutmachine - The Doombringer

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breakcore / ambient / acid.

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Slutmachine's long awaited "Doombringer" album reminds in several ways of Cdatakill's "Paradise" debut album. Like this predecessor, it is made of a breakcore-meets-industrial, dark beat driven first half and a much more atmospheric but deeper soundtrack-like second half. The nine solo tracks of the first part (coming with three remixes, by Cdatakill himself, Datura 1.0 and Dolores Dewberry) are very well executed old-school breakcore tunes, reminiscent at times of Hecate's material to which would have been semi-industrial melodies. Following them, the hour long eponymous piece is a droney, dark and twisted long piece, guaranteed to work as a solid score to hellish nightmares. All in all a very efficient and to the point album of dark, varied breakcore.
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