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Snog - The Plug-In Drug - 12"
Snog - The Plug-In Drug

12" (vinyl)

M-Tronic Sr38
File under
industrial / electronica / pop.

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Very nice return of Snog to the vinyl format (and this time on translucid blue wax at that) for this companion EP to David Thrussel's new "Babes In Consumerland" album. Snog's also back to electronic sounds this time around, trading the milder songs of "The Last Of The Great Romantics" to trickier, more playful collaborations with none others than Atom TM and Felix Kubin and ending up with the kind of anti-consumerist, tongue-in-cheek pop pearls that we know from "Third Mall From The Sun" or "Beyond The Valley Of The Proles". At eight tunes, this 12" EP features three solo songs and remixes by Black Lung (of course), MZO, Sir Real and a couple of others, as well as (oversized) artwork by Chris Woods. Consume, people, consume!
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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