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I Snor - s/t - CDR
I Snor - s/t
I Snor


Sillons SIL010
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electronica / experimental / (post) rock.

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Before he got behind the mic to growl and thrash around with Igorrr on Whourkr's "Concrete" album, I-Snor was also writing music of its own, as demonstrated by this weird collection of tracks and songs. Much calmer than Whourkr, mostly electronic, this untitled album has a foot resolutely planted in dark waters, as attested by the use of somber, whispered vocals and claustrophobic ambiances. Guitars make a remarked appearance in the second half of this CDR, but almost always in an acoustic and folk manner. A very interesting collection, quite well done and shedding a much different light on this artist's ouput.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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